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the fandom librarian

(indexed and cross-referenced for your convenience)

11 July 1988
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Welcome! This journal is primarily for fannish content, and most of my fannish interaction is slash-based. Don't like it? Don't read it. This has been your last warning.

Here you may find, tagged for your convenience:
my fic (also available here or in my memories). if you want to talk to me about any of it, go ahead and comment! I don't bite.
links to stuff I find amusing and occasional uploads
recs for fanfiction and other fanworks (the comprehensive fandom or pairing lists are available in my memories as well as by tag)
fandom-related musings and memes

Here you may NOT find, unless I have friended you:
rl babble i.e. details of my personal life, and academia. it's nowhere near as cool as fandom, so I try not to bore you all with it. if you are here exclusively for updates on my real life, and I know there are a few freaks out there who enjoy reading about my neurotic adventures in academia, ignore anything that isn't friendslocked, since it will be about fandom and probably also about the gay. if, for whatever reason, you actually WANT to hear about my rather non-eventful life or my sexually-charged academic career (what? I write papers about gay sex and gender identity; I don't actually have sexually-charged adventures in real life. IRONY: she's a bitch) drop a comment to that effect. if you post frequently about that which does not interest me, I reserve the right to de-friend, as I never did figure out how to use those filter thingamajigs.

Speaking of which - Friending Policy!
I don't expect this to be much of an issue as I am not a fandom goddess, but it bears saying. go ahead and friend me if you want to keep up with my recs and/or fic; I don't mind. I won't friend you back unless you: a) let me know by commenting somewhere that you're friending me and why, b) ASK me to friend back or are by nature so interesting that I want to read your journal anyway, and c) are at least somewhat familiar to me. give me some clue as to who the hell you are. don't be that creepy stalker person. everything fandom-related on this journal is open to the public, so there's no reason at all for anyone to want to be friended unless he/she is interested in my personal life. it is BORING. trust me here. all that aside, I do like meeting new people and I am not a heinous head-biting-off bitch, so feel free to introduce yourself; we'll probably hit it off!

De-Friending Policy:
if you do not wish to read my posts on your friends page, then de-friend me. my feelings will not be hurt.

and lastly... showing off! okay, fine, one banner. I'm really proud of it anyway.
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