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October 5th, 2016

Dear Yulegoat 2016

Happy Yuletide and thank you in advance for writing for me! I really hope you'll have fun. This post has some prompts and general info about my preferences, but (a) I'm pretty easy to please and (b) Optional Details Are Optional, so if there's a story of your heart that you've been waiting for write, don't worry about sticking too close to my requests: write the story you're into! I'm sure I'll love it if you loved writing it. (I mean, I do still want a story in one of the fandoms I requested and about the characters I picked, but you know what I mean.) The purpose of this letter is to make things easier for you -- you don't even need to keep reading if you don't want. If what you got in the assignment email is enough for you to start writing, go for it! Conversely, if this letter doesn't have enough info and you want to know more about the stuff I'm into, I can be found under the name meretricula on tumblr and the AO3 as well.

Likes: Happiness. I want everybody to be happy or at least not overtly miserable at the end of the fic. They can suffer and be angsty in the beginning or middle but please please please let the ending be sunshine and rainbows or the promise of sunshine and rainbows on the not-too-distant horizon. I'm also happy to get a fic that's 100% fluffy sunshine and rainbows all the way through. I'm a big fan of tropes where characters have a lot of history between them -- friends to lovers, childhood sweethearts, best frenemies, sibling relationships, etc. -- and you'll see those popping up a lot in my prompts. Basically I'm ALL ABOUT THE FEELINGS. I'm not a big fan of porn for porn's sake but if you're happier writing about people expressing their feelings via sex, that's great too! Gen, het, slash, femslash and poly are all good with me.

I also like: lots of background detail; tropes and cliches; subverted/inverted tropes and cliches; lots of dialogue; limited third person POV; canon settings, canon divergences AND alternate universes; food; competence; found families; mixed media/documentation fic.

Dislikes: major character death (as in, this character is gone and not coming back; death followed by resurrection or altered form of existence is fine so long as the character is still around); humiliation; intense angst; graphic violence and gore; noncon and dubcon; first and second person POV; AUs that change the nature of characters' backstory together (e.g. if two people have known each other since childhood I'd rather not have an AU where they meet for the first time as adults, and if they've been best friends their whole lives I'd rather not read an AU where they're enemies instead)

Bride Quartet - Nora RobertsCollapse )

The Bourne Legacy (2012)Collapse )

A Countess Below Stairs - Eva IbbotsonCollapse )

Three Sisters Island Trilogy - Nora RobertsCollapse )

Thank you again, dear yulegoat! Happy writing!



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