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book fandoms

Bloody Sunset
The Aeneid - Pallas/Ascanius - R
Someday we shall ride to battle together, you and I.

Cut-Scene Between Books IV and V of P. Vergilius Maro's Aeneid
The Aeneid - Aeneas/Achates - PG
In fairness to Achates, passive-aggression is the very least that Aeneas deserves at this point. (Drabble)

Visiting Hours
Circle of Magic (Tamora Pierce) - Tris/Briar - G
Tris goes to college. Briar comes to visit.

Thorn Among Lilies
Circle of Magic (Tamora Pierce) - Tris/Briar - G
In which Briar and Tris grow closer while apart. Or at least they would if Briar didn't visit her nearly every Sunsday.

Where Have All the Flowers Gone?
Chronicles of Narnia - Edmund/Lucy, Peter/Susan, Edmund/Lucy/Peter - R
Black-Eyed Susan
Amaryllis, Amaryllis
Rosemary (For Remembrance)
Traveler's Joy
You're never going home again.

The Seventh Dancing Princess
Fairy Tales (trad) - the seventh princess/the seventh prince - G
Prima was, in her own way, rather pleased by the curse. All well and good for her, Septima thought crossly when she heard their father's proclamation regarding the reward for uncursing his daughters; whatever man managed to figure it out would clearly choose either the eldest or the youngest, and as the youngest was twelve, unless he was a disgusting pedophile he would choose the eldest. Meanwhile, Septima would never see sixteen again, and her chances of finding a husband who even recognized her as an individual rather than one-twelfth of one, let alone liked her, were even smaller now that she was one-twelfth of a cursed conglomerate.

Chicks Before Dicks Has Never Really Been Our Motto
Greco-Roman Mythology - Venus/Minerva - R
All the semi-incestuous tensions of the Omicron Lambda Upsilon sorority come to a head at the winter formal, their biggest social event of the year: wherein sorority sisters Venus and Min(erv)a backstab, catfight, and occasionally unite against a common foe, and also there is hatesex. Every fandom needs at least one college AU!

Hitched My Apple Wagon To Your Star
The Hobbit - Fili/Kili - PG-13
Fili and Kili have their first adventure in the world of Men. (Genderswap AU)

The Transformation of Patroclus into a Nightingale
The Iliad - Achilles/Patroclus - G
This and no more can I give you: go and sing to him, and comfort him as you may.

Thirty Kisses
Lord of the Rings - Erestor/Glorfindel - PG
Part I
Part II
Thirty stories, thirty kisses. (Give or take a few.)

Partita No. 2 in G Minor
Lord of the Rings - Erestor/Glorfindel - PG-13
Allemande, courante, sarabande, gigue, chaconne.

Orchestral Suite No. 1
Lord of the Rings - Erestor/Glorfindel, Haldir/Celeborn, Legolas/Lindir, Gildor/Melpomaen, Rumil/Twin I, Orophin/Twin II, Thranduil/Elrond - PG-13
Dancing, flirting, and drunken elven shenanigans.

Thirty Romances
Lord of the Rings - Erestor/Glorfindel - PG
Part I
Part II
Part III
Erestor is old and cranky. Glorfindel is young and idealistic. But not everything is what it seems, and secrets lurk behind those pretty blue eyes.

Shakespeare Drabbles
Lord of the Rings - Erestor/Glorfindel - PG - drabbles

Not-So-Nervous Habits
Lord of the Rings - Erestor/Glorfindel - PG - drabble

Why Erestor Never Says I Love You
Lord of the Rings - Erestor/Glorfindel - PG - drabble

Holiday Spirits
Lord of the Rings - Erestor/Glorfindel - PG - drabble

Truth and Beauty
Plato's Symposium - Alcibiades/Socrates - G
Your friend's story has a few holes in it.

Love Story, Revisited: A Triptych in Two Parts
Romeo and Juliet - Romeo/Benvolio, Mercutio/Benvolio - PG-13
Kisses to pay the ferryman. I love you. // I wish you well.

Only A Signal Shown
Temeraire (Naomi Novik) - Tharkay/Granby - PG
"Oh," said Iskierka, who had been pretending not to listen, "it is very stupid; it is only that humans are not supposed to mate if they are not giving each other eggs, and of course Granby cannot give Tharkay one."

A Distant Voice In The Darkness
Temeraire (Naomi Novik) - Laurence/Tharkay/Granby - PG
There was a pianoforte in the officers' club; this was more of an oddity than Victrix's taste for Virgil, but perhaps less of one than Robbins' dresses or Leightley's flamboyant eyepatch. (Sequel to Only A Signal Shown.)

Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor
Temeraire (Naomi Novik) - Tharkay/Laurence - G
Laurence broods too much, but it's okay: Tharkay has a plan.

Wisdom to the Mighty, Honor to the Brave
Temeraire (Naomi Novik) - gen, hints of Laurence/Granby/Tharkay/Riley in assorted permutations - G
Several scenes aboard the HMS Allegiance, while en route to Terra Australis: wherein privacy is violated, compromises are struck, and Tharkay finds himself designated nursemaid to a group of hopelessly self-destructive aviators.

It Takes A Village
Temeraire (Naomi Novik) - Tharkay/Laurence - PG
Rescuing that baby from the burning house was only the beginning of Laurence's troubles. And, of course, Tharkay's.

Excerpts From Sweetheart vs. Spitfire, Et Al.
Temeraire (Naomi Novik) tennis AU - gen, hints of Tharkay/Granby/Laurence - PG
Kazilovic d. Eyre, 5-7, 7-6(6), 6-4

Really Awkward Adulterous Lesbian Sex Is Still Better Than No Sex At All
Twelfth Night - Olivia/Viola - PG-13
In which Olivia pines (sort of), Orsino is gracious (and sometimes means it), Sebastian is conniving (in a good way) and Viola is not actually Cesario.

Clear Sunny Skies (On the Morning of the Apocalypse)
Twilight - Jacob/Leah, Jacob/Seth - PG-13
So it turns out imprinting doesn't work exactly the way everyone thinks it does.

live-action fandoms

Queen of the Lab
Bones - Hodgins/girl!Zach - PG-13
"Zachariah is a boy's name," Hodgins blurted out tactlessly.

Afterschool Special
Gilmore Girls - Jess/Dean - R
Jess lunged up and Dean lunged down, and their mouths met in the middle. (Ficlet)

Gilmore Girls - Jess/Dean - PG-13
Dean wants to do filthy things to Jess, filthy wrong bad things that he never ever wanted from Rory, and he wants Jess to do all those filthy wrong bad things right back to him. (Ficlet)

You Are Cordially Invited
Hart of Dixie - Zoe/Wade - PG
"If only I'd known when I was applying to medical school that my mother was right and it would only matter if I managed to find a man to marry me!" Zoe raged. "I'm a woman past thirty-five and I'm not married, I must not be a real doctor! Clearly my years of study and medical practice mean nothing compared to my good repute as a qualification to actually practice medicine in this stupid town!"

You Should Come Around More, Alabama
Hart of Dixie - Lemon/George, Wade - PG
While George is in New York City, Lemon finds companionship in an unlikely place.

Four Times Ando Saved Hiro (And One Time He Didn't)
Heroes - Hiro/Ando - PG
Does what it says on the tin!

de.riv.a.tive iv
Iron Man/Doctor Who - Tony/Pepper, Martha-->Ten - G
Several hours later, Pepper and Martha have ended up at a bar, trading horror stories about life as a companion to a superhero and a time-traveling alien, respectively.

Lights Go Out
The Matrix - Switch/Apoc - PG
Switch was never really sure when she fell in love with Apoc, because by the time she realized it, it felt like she'd been in love with him forever.

Pirates of the Caribbean - Sparrow/Norrington - PG
Jack discovers that Commodore Norrington is inordinately fond of honey.

Pirates of the Caribbean - Sparrow/Norrington - PG
Norrington's nightmares aren't just dreams.

Keep Dreaming, Socrates
Pushing Daisies/Heroes/X-Men/Tuck Everlasting/New Amsterdam/Torchwood - gen - G
What would happen to Chuck if Ned died before he touched her again?

Always Better With Someone You Really Love
Star Trek XI - Kirk/McCoy - PG
You know what the thing is? The thing is. What's the thing?

Five Reasons Dean Winchester Should Have Been Born A Girl
Supernatural - gen - PG
Only thing hotter than one gun-toting lesbian is two of them. Making out. Naked. (Drabble)

Supernatural - gen - PG
could you be any more comfort to me? (Drabble)

de.riv.a.tive iii
X-Men/Pushing Daisies - Logan/Marie, Ned/Chuck - PG
The pie-maker, when he stumbled out of the kitchen with Olive on his heels like a particularly yappy little dog, didn't look like anybody's idea of a mutant necromancer.

anime/manga/drama fandoms

...And Put Your Hair Down
Bleach - Renji/Byakuya - PG-13
Renji has a question. Byakuya may have an answer. (Drabble)

Like Taking Philosophy from a Baby
Bleach - Ikkaku/Yumichika - PG
Yumichika is bitchy. Good thing Ikkaku likes 'em feisty. (Drabble)

Bleach Noir
Bleach - Ikkaku/Yumichika - PG-13
Yumichika wants to bang Humphrey Bogart. Ikkaku's just along for the ride. (Ficlet)

The Devil Wears Square-Rimmed Glasses
Bleach Fashion AU - Ichigo/Ishida - PG
When Kurosaki Ichigo braved the den of the infamously brilliant (and infamously bitchy) Ishida Uryuu, no one could say he went unprepared. (Drabble)

The Art of Alliteration
Bleach Fashion AU - Ichigo/Ishida - PG
"What rhymes with pulchritude?" (Drabble)

de.riv.a.tive ii
Bleach Fashion AU - Ichigo/Ishida - G
"Look, I can't exactly tell them, sorry, I can't come to one of my final exams, I have to model for a FASHION SHOW," Ichigo said, annoyed. (Ficlet)

What About Everything?
FAKE - Dee/Ryo - PG
what about when buildings fall? (Ficlet)

Walking Fashion Disaster
Hana Yori Dango - Sojiroh/Akira - R
What is up with Akira's fashion sense, anyway?

Hana Yori Dango - Rui-->Makino, Rui-->Tsukasa - PG
what are the odds that I have missed your smile? (Drabble)

Ouran Host Club - Kyouya/Tamaki - PG-13
Tamaki pouts; Kyouya gives in. As always. (Ficlet)

Pick-Up Line Fics 1-5
Prince of Tennis - Atobe/Kamio, Mizuki/Yuuta, Shishido/Ohtori, Sengoku-->Tezuka, Inui-->Tezuka - PG
Ficlets written for pick-up line prompts!

Pick-Up Line Fics 6-7
Prince of Tennis - Oishi/Eiji, Echizen/Momoshiro - PG
Ficlets written for pick-up line prompts!

Pick-Up Line Fics 8-9
Prince of Tennis - Tezuka/Fuji, Mizuki/Yuuta - PG
Ficlets written for pick-up line prompts!

Pick-Up Line Fics 10-11
Prince of Tennis - Oishi/Eiji, Mizuki/Yuuta - PG
Ficlets written for pick-up line prompts!

Cherry Lips
Prince of Tennis - Hiyoshi/Jiroh - PG
with your cherry lips and golden curls...

The Limit of the Patience of Oshitari as Gakuto Approaches Slut
Prince of Tennis - Oshitari/Gakuto - PG
Calculus and Gakuto do not mix.

Better Than Arsenic
Prince of Tennis - Yagyuu/Niou - PG-13
Love is not a thing with feathers.

Bare of All Pretense
Prince of Tennis - Niou/Yagyuu - PG-13
Yagyuu yanked Niou's sweatshirt over his head and huddled inside the smell of laundry detergent, deodorant, and the faint trace of cigarette smoke that no number of washings could get out.

de.riv.a.tive i
Prince of Tennis - Inui/Kaidoh - G
Doubles partner > chemistry experiments. (Ficlet)

Sleep-Cycles and Semi-Nudity
xxxHOLiC - Doumeki/Watanuki - PG

Ribbon of Fate
xxxHOLiC - Doumeki/Watanuki - PG-13
If Yuuko is amused, it must be bad news for Watanuki. Maybe for Doumeki, too.


Classical Music RPF - Berlioz/Paganini - PG
that one perfect moment when you were his universe and his music, and all he heard was you

Day Winding Like Dreams
Football RPF - Iniesta and Valdes, implied Iniesta/Guardiola - G
The flight back to Madrid from South Africa.

The Best Luck I Had Was You
Football RPF - Xavi/Iniesta preslash - G
The year is 2004 and the setting is Camp Nou: the coach is Frank Rijkaard, the president is Joan Laporta, and the midfielders are just a little bit psychic. (First part of It's Going To Take A Lot To Drag Me Away From You.)

A Beautiful Friendship
Football RPF - Guardiola and Mourinho - G
A quiet phonecall between two family men. (Ficlet)

Hola Bonita Tienes MSN
Football RPF - Fabregas/Messi/Pique - PG
In which Cesc and Pique attempt to teach Leo about the joys of social media.

Don't Forget To Breathe
Football RPF - Iniesta and Valdes - PG
God willing, this is the worst day of the rest of Andres Iniesta's life.

I Hope This Song Will Guide You Home
Football RPF - Xavi/Iniesta - PG-13
Andres gets hurt. Everyone reacts accordingly. (Part of It's Going To Take A Lot To Drag Me Away From You.)

Sings The Revolution
Football RPF - Fabregas/Messi - R
Cesc Fabregas is born a girl. She still loves football.

Five Teammates Francesca Fabregas Never Had
Football RPF - Fabregas/Messi - PG
Cesc is a girl. Everything else proceeds from there. (Companion fic to Sings The Revolution.)

Football RPF - Messi/Pique - PG
Leo and Gerard, getting to know each other all over again.

Round On The House If The Devil Don't Come
Football RPF - Thiago Alcantara/Rafa Alcantara - R
It's Thiago's birthday, and Rafa won a league for him. (Ficlet)

See It Through With Newer Hands
Football RPF - Guardiola, Xavi, Thiago Alcantara - PG-13
Three generations of sons of the system.

Little League In '93 Taught Me How To Take Defeat
Football RPF - Muniain/Martinez - R
In which Javi is half a virgin and Iker agrees to teach him how to kiss. And Javi is shirtless a lot, but that's largely coincidental to the plot.

Firework Boy
Football RPF - Messi/Sergi Roberto, Messi/Afellay, Thiago Alcantara/Afellay - NC-17
Sergi Roberto is thoroughly congratulated for his Champions League debut.

I Am You Are Me
Football RPF - Balotelli and Silva - PG-13
A brief conversation about a difficult thing. (Drabble)

Ibra In The Underworld
Football RPF - Nesta/Ibrahimovic, Pato/Barbara Berlusconi - PG-13
"I am Zlatan, and I am a god to the people of Sweden, and I have come to the underworld to find Alessandro Nesta and bring him back with me." Zlatan is Orpheus. Sandro is Eurydice. It goes down about as well as you would expect.

We Are The Next Time Around
Football RPF - Messi and Pique, Villa - PG
In which things go horribly, horribly wrong. (AU branch of It's Going To Take A Lot To Drag Me Away From You.)

If You Were Sin I'd Be Your Mercy (You Got Me Stuck To You)
Football RPF - Thiago Alcantara/Rafa Alcantara - NC-17
In which Rafa congratulates Thiago on his very excellent summer campaign.

La Gent Normal Com Tu
Football RPF - Fabregas/Messi/Pique - NC-17
Leo is an alien. Cesc and Pique teach him about one of the best parts of being human, i.e. orgasms.

Sky High And Feeling No Pain
Football RPF - Muniain/Martinez - NC-17
Javi's not jealous and Iker's not drunk. One of these statements is untrue. (In which Javi and Iker join the Mile High Club on the way back to Spain from the U-21 European Championship.)

This Is How It Works
Football RPF - Thiago Alcantara/Rafa Alcantara/Jonathan Dos Santos - PG-13
A story about love, brotherhood and friendship. And hookers. (Drabble)

Football RPF - Iniesta and Valdes - G
Year of the Rabbit. (Drabble)

Loves Company
Football RPF - Walcott and Bale - G
Hint: six letters, starts with "m", ends with "isery". (Drabble)

Sing Until Our Jaws Are Broken
Football RPF - Xavi and Valdes - G
The person you go to when you don't know where else to go.

Show Me Your Teeth
Football RPF - Iniesta and Valdes - PG
Halloween-related: Andres is a vampire. (Drabble)

Shouldn't Let Me Babysit
Football RPF - Henry/Krkic - PG-13
Halloween-related: Bojan is a succubus. (Drabble)

Una Loba En La Bañera
Football RPF - Özil/Khedira - PG-13
(224): They only knew me as the lesbian that passed out in a bathtub. That's not what you call friendship.

All The Things We Did And Didn't Do
Football RPF - Messi, Pique and Fabregas - PG
Gerard calls in the cavalry. (AU branch of It's Going To Take A Lot To Drag Me Away From You.) (Ficlet)

Morning Comes In Paradise
Football RPF - Iniesta/Valdes - PG-13
In which puberty hits Andres like a freight train, and Victor is an innocent victim of the collision.

Growing Pains
Football RPF - Bale/Walcott - R
Boys will be boys.

Kissed The Cobbler's Wife
Football RPF - Silva/Johnson - R
In which Silva throws a tantrum, Adam displays unexpected reserves of self-restraint and Joe winds up seeing way more than he bargained for.

It's Been A Long Time Since I've Seen You Smile
Football RPF - Xavi/Iniesta - PG-13
In 2006, the World Cup is held in Germany: Andres Iniesta receives his first call-up to the senior national team, Xavi Hernandez's behavior escalates from mild neurosis into the realm of the genuinely bizarre, and Spain's campaign for the title ends once again not with a bang but an inglorious whimper. (Part of It's Going To Take A Lot To Drag Me Away From You.)

Tempest In A Teacup
Football RPF - Silva/Johnson - PG-13
Based on a conversation I had with justkisa about Silva throwing crockery at Adam's head during a fight, and the inevitable aftermath. (Drabble)

Put Our Able Hands To Labor
Football RPF - Messi, Pique and Fabregas - PG
Nothing bad will ever happen to Leo if Cesc and Gerard have anything to say about it. (AU branch of It's Going To Take A Lot To Drag Me Away From You.)

And We Are All Together
Football RPF - Messi, Pique and Fabregas - G
Everyone told Leo two things afterward: he'd been stupid, and he'd been lucky. (Part of It's Going To Take A Lot To Drag Me Away From You.)

Your Love Is Gonna Grow
Football RPF - Casillas/Sara Carbonero - NC-17
Iker finds an innovative way to get Sara to eat more.

With Grace In Your Heart And Flowers In Your Hair
Football RPF - Guardiola/Estiarte - G
What else are guardian angels for? (Drabble)

Build It Up With Iron And Steel
Football RPF - Mata/Romeu - PG-13
Five places in London Juan Mata took Oriol Romeu.

The Distance From Here To Where You'd Be
Football RPF - Xavi/Iniesta - PG
David Villa learns some surprising things about Xavi Hernandez during the 2009 Confederations Cup. (Part of It's Going To Take A Lot To Drag Me Away From You.) (Ficlet)

Facilmente A T'Ingannar
Football RPF - Mancini/Balotelli - PG
but if you think that in return I ought to love only you, gentle sir, you are easily led to self-deceit (Drabble)

Uptown Downtown (A Thousand Miles Between Us)
Football RPF - Bale/Walcott - PG
Transfer angst based on rumors that Gareth might be leaving Tottenham. (Ficlet)

A Bit Unfortunate
Football RPF - Balotelli/Paloschi - PG
In which Mario Balotelli receives a very peculiar text message. Crossover with Doctor Who. (Drabble)

M'Ha Dit Que T'Ha Vist Per Barcelona
Football RPF - Iniesta/Valdes - PG-13
On May 25, 2004, Catalonia play a friendly against Brazil and lose 2-5. (Fact.) Andres Iniesta then takes it upon himself to cheer Victor Valdes up. (Fiction.)

I Believe In Every Breath You Breathe
Football RPF - Xavi/Iniesta preslash - G
In 2005 Barcelona lose to Chelsea in the first knock-out round of the Champions League, and Andres crawls into Xavi's bed for a change. (Part of It's Going To Take A Lot To Drag Me Away From You.) (Ficlet)

Girl It's True (I Can Never Be Away From You)
Football RPF - Thiago Alcantara/Rafa Alcantara - PG-13
Last-gasp days of summer by the pool. (Drabble)

Let's Not Try To Figure Out Everything At Once
Football RPF - Messi and Villa - PG
Some things you just have to work out for yourselves. (Final installment of the AU branch of It's Going To Take A Lot To Drag Me Away From You.)

Football RPF - Iniesta and Valdes - PG
"Couvade syndrome is a term used to describe a situation in which an otherwise healthy man — whose partner is expecting a baby — experiences pregnancy-related symptoms." (Ficlet)

Three Scenes That Didn't Make It Into Jill Scott's World Cup Diary
Football RPF - Alex Scott/Kelly Smith - PG-13
England at the 2011 Women's World Cup: two wins, one draw, one soul-crushing loss, and an infinite supply of shenanigans.

Old Dogs, New Tricks
Football RPF - Berta Carles/Ani Escribano - PG-13
In 2007 Barcelona Femenino were relegated. In 2012 they won the league.

Radical Reference
Football RPF - Iniesta/Valdes - G
"Punk-ass book jockeys": an AU in which Victor Valdes is a radical reference librarian and Andres Iniesta runs bilingual storytime. (Ficlet)

Odi et Amo, and Other Contradictions
Historical RPF - Catullus/Veranius - PG
"If this whole mopey fit over Clodia has been one of your sorry attempts to get me into bed - " (Drabble)

Party Like It's 699 AUC
Historical RPF - Catullus/Veranius - PG
"My love for Clodia is a pure flower," Catullus proclaimed with drunkenly exaggerated dignity. (Ficlet)

The Council of Kick-Ass Women of America
Miscellaneous RPF (actors and political figures) - gen - PG
In which Michelle Obama is inducted into the Council of Outstanding Woman Citizens of America.

I Think I Heard That Line Once in a Beatles Song
Tennis RPF - Federer/Nadal - PG
Rafa is a little out-of-sorts after losing the Madrid final. Novak gives him a call.

The Sporting Life
Tennis RPF - Djokovic/Nadal - R
Everyone knows Rafa likes football. Feli Lopez knows Rafa might like football a little too much.

You Can Do Better Than Me (I Can't Do Better Than You)
Tennis RPF - Ferrer/Lopez/Nadal - NC-17
A night of dares and Playstation gets a little out of hand.

Set Yourself On Fire
Tennis RPF - Djokovic/Nadal - PG
"It hurts," Rafa said, defeated. "It hurts, no? And I no know - I no know if I can play no more."

Four Reasons Roger Federer Wished The Japanese Davis Cup Team Would Fall Into A Really Deep Hole (And One Reason They Weren't That Bad After All)
Tennis RPF - Federer/Nadal - PG
As advertised!

Damned Lies and Statistics
Tennis RPF - Djokovic/Nadal - NC-17
Rafa and Novak get caught. It all spirals out from there.

We Both Go Down Together
Tennis RPF - Djokovic/Nadal - NC-17
Rafa doesn't like being alone. Nole makes sure he doesn't have to be.

No More Stones To Throw
Tennis RPF - Djokovic/Nadal, Murray-->Nadal - PG
Somehow, he'd thought it would be more satisfying.

And I Am Standing Still
Tennis RPF - Djokovic/Nadal - G
"Novak?" Rafa repeated, struggling to find his English, which usually eluded him until at least after breakfast. He was not awake enough for this. "Why you call? Is - Novak, is three in the morning!"

Among Some Talk of You and Me
Tennis RPF - Federer/Nadal, Djokovic/Nadal, Lopez/Verdasco - PG
Rafa is the last man standing of his generation on the ATP tour, and he isn't dealing with it all that well.

Of Every Love That Could Have Been
Tennis RPF - Federer/Nadal - G
Rafa spends the evening before Christmas Eve with his sister and his girlfriend, thinks about his future and calls Roger to talk things through.

Please Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
Tennis RPF - Murray/Nadal - G
Ibero-Caledonian relations post-quarterfinal. (Ficlet)

In Sickness and In Health
Tennis RPF - Djokovic/Nadal - PG
Nole's such a drama queen.

The Serbian Tennis Players' Book Appreciation Society, Membership: Two
Tennis RPF - Djokovic/Nadal - PG-13
In which it is absolutely, indisputably and beyond a shadow of doubt all Ana Ivanovic's fault.

It's Not a Competition (Unless I'm Winning)
Tennis RPF - Djokovic/Murray/Nadal - NC-17
Dating professional athletes has pros and cons. Plus: great stamina. Negative: they really, really hate to lose.

It's You I'm Looking For
Tennis RPF - Ferrer/Ferrero - PG
A retirement party, a drunken proposal, a misunderstanding or two, and then they got married and lived happily ever after. What could go wrong?

The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round
Tennis RPF - Djokovic/Nadal - PG
Remember when the unpronounceable Icelandic volcano exploded and nobody could fly anywhere and a bunch of tennis players had to take a bus from Monte Carlo to Barcelona? Good times, good times. (Drabble)

*I am told that it is a mark of growth as a writer if your old writings make you cringe. So that's a good sign, I suppose. Fics marked with WARNING: OLD were written in high school, and frankly are kind of awful, but the ones included here for some reason have sentimental value to me, so I didn't want to leave them out. There are others that I'm pretending don't exist.

Drabbles are anything under 500 words; ficlets are anything between 500 and 1000.

comments disabled because I am sick of spambots, but I swear I am really happy to meet new people! feel free to PM me or comment on any other post and I'll be delighted to make your acquaintance. assuming you're not a spambot.



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